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Any trip to north-central Indiana’s Amish country benefits from a first stop at Menno-Hof, a Shipshewana visitors’ center devoted to the faith and lifestyle of one of the world’s largest Anabaptist communities.

The Anabaptists formed in Zurich, Switzerland in 1525 to restore the church to the purity of earlier days, calling for a separation of church and state.  The largest body of Anabaptists is the Mennonites, named after Dutch priest Menno Simons.  This worldwide sect drives cars, works in many professions and enjoys a lifestyle that matches their neighbors.

The Amish, named for Jacob Ammann, broke off from the Mennonites in 1693, believing that their fellows were losing spiritual discipline and becoming too much like the world around them.

Menno-Hof offers displays that detail the history of these people.  You will see the Swiss courtyard where the Anabaptists got their start and a 16th century dungeon where many were persecuted.  Travel with Anabaptists on a 17th century sailing ship to America, experience the power of a tornado to destroy an Amish community and the power of the people to support each other in crisis.

For an inspiring introduction to the Amish and Mennonite people, visit Menno-Hof.

Paint Me Pottery

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Paint Me Pottery

There’s something supremely satisfying about sharing time with friends while letting loose your creative side, which explains why Paint Me Pottery hosts so many birthday parties, bridal showers and Red Hat ladies groups.

They provide non-toxic greenware, paint and brushes, so all you have to do is pick out the unfired mug, plate or bowl that pleases you and paint away while you visit with a friend or celebrate a special occasion.

Create personalized ceramic ware for your home or for a gift at Paint Me Pottery.

Trading Place

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Trading Place - Auction & Flea Market

The Trading Place is like a town within a town.  You could spend the whole weekend here and lack for nothing, from the world famous Shipshewana Auction and Flea Market to a restaurant, a conference center and an antiques complex.

What is now one of the most popular destinations in the Midwest started in 1922 when six pigs, seven cows and several head of young cattle were auctioned off at the home of George Curtis.

Over the years people who attended the auctions started selling goods out of their trucks, giving birth to what is now one of the country’s largest flea markets, featuring homegrown produce, homemade crafts, kitchen gadgets and everything else to fulfill a bargain hunter’s dreams.

Traders will find more treasures next door in the 31,000-square-foot Antique Gallery.  The hungry shopper will appreciate the 250-seat Shipshewana Auction Restaurant with its hearty Midwestern menu.  Come spend some time at a venue that is Large Enough to Serve You and Small Enough to Know You.

Hudson Museum

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Hostetler's Hudson Auto Museum

Explore the history of Hudson Cars and their influence on the style in our history at our Hudson museum.  At one of the best Indiana museums, enjoy our exciting collection of over 50 classic Hudson cars, race cars, hot rods and early models displayed throughout 50,000 square feet of museum space.

Buy an Hudson-related souvenir in our gift shop, enjoy an old fashioned soda or banana split at the Ice Creamery next door, or take a few pictures next to your favorite Hudson cars!